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bizventure Africa is a Service Guided platform with only A-rated service providers that are organized in six categories. Categories which include accounting, consultation, health,Legal and more. Companies cannot pay to be included in the guided platform but must be invited based on qualification criteria. Bizventure africa screens companies by confirming customer satisfaction through surveys,insurance and background license verifications.Bizventure Africa only publishes independently researched and highly recommended local service providers on our platform, With Bizventure Africa customers can identify top-quality A rated local service providers such accountants, doctors , architecters and lawyers that have been certified by south Africans professional association bodies through comprehensive evaluation process.Every customer with a service project who is in need of a top local service provider should utilize bizventure to get the best results!

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With Bizventure’s unique marketing/advertising system, we place your business in front of consumers looking for your services.

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In this fast pace, convenience focused on digital era,a good online reputation is critical to your business’s success. Bizventure lends credibility to your business by restricting membership to only top rated companies.

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