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Angela Shikwambana CEO and founder of all the masingita andiswa Holdings companies. speaker and a business coach who can help any business to grow and enhance it’s profitability. Angela Shikwambana (serIal entrepreneur) born and raised in a small town ship nkowankowa Limpopo
Company name : Bizventure Africa
Established date : K2020081697
About Us / Our Story / Our Beginning
bizventure Africa is a Service Guided platform with only A-rated service providers that are organized in six categories. Categories which include accounting, consultation, health,Legal and more. Companies cannot pay to be included in the guided platform but must be invited based on qualification criteria. Bizventure africa screens companies by confirming customer satisfaction through surveys,insurance and background license verifications.Bizventure Africa only publishes independently researched and highly recommended local service providers on our platform, With Bizventure Africa customers can identify top-quality A rated local service providers such accountants, doctors , architecters and lawyers that have been certified by south Africans professional association bodies through comprehensive evaluation process.Every customer with a service project who is in need of a top local service provider should utilize bizventure to get the best results!

Our Mission / Values
We Hope our Mission, Vision statements and our Core Values will give you a little bit of an idea as to who we are.

Mission Statement
At first our mission started with the simple idea that people should be able to buy and sell digital services in the same fashion as physical goods on an e-commerce platforms. We wanted to be the leading on-demand service marketplaces in our chosen verticals by bringing together local professionals and service seekers,
Our Vision
We will offer our clients a wide variety of choices, efficient tools and outstanding service under one roof.We want to make it much easier and safer to buy and sell services from individuals, professionals, or businesses by providing a easy to use platform and resources.
Our Core Values

Honesty and integrity in everything we do

Not afraid to do things differently or taking risks

Put client interests above profits

Be helpful, cheerful, respectful

Positive outlook towards life Being good, compassionate citizens

Our Team
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Our  Services
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