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Temoso Trading 1071 CC

Temoso Trading is a company founded through a determined vision and a lifelong dream which developed into a reality. Temoso Trading envisages an environment created for creative thinking, determination, engineering solutions, success and most of all a working environment to reap rewards and success.

We welcome you to the future of

  • GSM Networking
  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • General Supply and Distribution


Profit is the reward for taking care of your customer and creating a motivating environment for your people. At Temoso Trading, we are dedicated, focused and committed to ensure the reward will become the pulse of the business.

Our objectives are to make an equal and fair profit in the business-to-business and business-to-customer through:

  • Full Turn Key Solutions
  • Civil Works (Small Projects) & Building Maintenance
  • Power Installations
  • RF Installations ( Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Sheltering Installations
  • Rigging & Working at Heights
  • Fire Fighting Equipment; Services, Repairs and Installations (SABS-Approved)


Temoso Trading is a newly founded company aimed at becoming a large and strong organization. To reach our goals, we will focus on the mission behind the vision. It will take all the employees, founders and vendors the daily living of the vision that we represent.

The Vision manifests itself further into four parts

  • To be the top specialists in all our field in the industry
  • Justly compensate the employees and founders of Temoso Trading 1071
  • Invest in our staff. Develop not only them but also their dreams, hopes and goals
  • Produce the same Quality results, every time and with greater consideration of Health, Safety & Environment

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