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Overview Phokoane  Phasha  Attorneys  is  a  law  firm  established  in  2007  by  Phokoane  Phasha  with  a  goal  of  offering innovative,  excellent  and  cost  effective  services.  The  firm  is  located  in  Polokwane  in  the  vicinity  of  among others,  the  Magistrate  court,  the  High  court,  Office  of  the  Master  of  the  High  court,  Commissioner  of Conciliation,  Mediation  &  Arbitration(CCMA),  Polokwane  Municipality,  Capricorn  Municipality,  Post  Office and other various State’s Departments.Our ValuesThe   most   important   asset   of   Phokoane   Phasha   Attorneys   is   its   clients.   Phokoane   Phasha   Attorneys subscribes to the global business ethics and we are guided the following principles:Transparency:  Being  transparent,  open  and  fair  in  our  business  dealings  with  all  our  clients  in  order  to maintain our integrity.Care:   Seeing   our   clients   as   our   business   partners   and   being   considerate   and   working   towards customer satisfaction.Fairness:  Treating  all  our  clients  equally  without  prejudice,  regardless  of  origin,  gender  or  business relationship.Respect:  We  believe  that  client  satisfaction  is  should  be  any  business  entity  thus  we  recognize  the right of our clients to express their views and ideas.Loyalty: Showing sincere commitment to all clients.       Our MissionTo   strive   to   deliver   the   highest   quality   legal   services   driven   by   accountability,   efficiency,   honestly   and professionalism with the sole intention to exceed our clients expectations

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